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Below are some common questions that people have about our housing.

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  • What type of people do you house?
  • LMHC provides housing for families, seniors, and adults (age 16+ singles & couples), including physically, developmentally and psychiatrically disabled persons. (TOP)

  • What is rent-geared-to-income (RGI)?
  • RGI is rent that is changed based on a person's income. It can change as the income changes. (TOP)

  • If I have no income, what can I do?
  • You must have an income to live in RGI housing. If you are not working, you can try to get income from Ontario Works, child support, or Employment Insurance benefits. Any person who is 65 year of age or older can try to get income from Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, or Canada Pension. If you are a new Canadian, your income can come from your immigration sponsor. (TOP)

  • Where do I apply for RGI housing?
  • To apply for all kinds of RGI housing in London and Middlesex, including LMHC housing and the Rent Supplement program, you must go to the Housing Access Centre (HAC) run by the City of London. (TOP)

  • How do I apply for RGI housing?
  • You will need to fill out an application form from HAC, and submit the completed form to them. (TOP)

  • How long is the waiting list for RGI housing?
  • It's hard to predict how long it will take for you to get housed. The waiting time depends on your income, the housing selections you made, the turnover of the housing provider that you chose, and your status (if you are homeless or fleeing an abusive situation, for example) when your application was reviewed/approved. For more information about the HAC wait lists, click here for the HAC website, and then check their most recent Building Waitlist Reference Sheet. (TOP)

  • Why does it take so long to get housed?
  • The housing provider(s) you selected must have a vacancy before the unit can be filled from the wait list. It's hard to know when a vacancy is going to occur. In addition, the wait list has many people waiting for housing. (TOP)

  • Is there any special priority that would help me get housing sooner?
  • There are four categories on the HAC wait list: Special Priority (for victims of domestic abuse or people whose safety is at risk), Urgent (including people who are homeless or have special medical needs, as long as their income is in the High Need category), High Need (people whose annual income is less than or equal to the legislated amount based on their unit size) and Chronological (people whose annual income is greater than the legislated amount, but still falls within the limits set by the City of London and the County of Middlesex). (TOP)

  • How do I get assigned Special Priority?
  • You must have supporting information to verify any Special Priority or Urgent status. Click here to download from HAC the forms you need to apply for Special Priority or Urgent Status. (TOP)

  • If I am over the income limit, can I still apply for RGI housing?
  • If you are over the income limit, you can't apply for RGI housing. Talk to HAC to find out what the income limits are. (TOP)

  • Do I have to be living in London or Middlesex to apply for housing?
  • No, you can be living outside London or Middlesex to apply for our housing. (TOP)

  • Does HAC provide emergency housing?
  • No, HAC does not provide emergency housing. Emergency shelters provide emergency housing. Click here for a list of emergency housing providers in London and Strathroy. (TOP)