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Rookie Ball training day

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LMHC has many noteworthy activities and events throughout the year. We send regular media releases to the appropriate local media and stakeholders. If you are a member of the media looking for more information about our organization, or interested in speaking to a representative, please use the links in the sidebar to help you find the information you need.

What We Are

In 2001, when responsibility for social housing was transferred from the province to the municipalities, the London and Middlesex Housing Corporation (LMHC) was established to manage the public housing portfolio for the City of London and the County of Middlesex. LMHC is incorporated under the Business Corporations Act.

Who We Are

LMHC is governed by a seven-member volunteer board of directors appointed by the City of London for a term of three years. We employ approximately 56 staff members in several departments, including Corporate Services, Finance and Administration, Assets and Property Services, and Tenant Administration. The cleaning of apartment buildings, landscaping, and snow removal are some of the services contracted out to private companies.

What We Do

On behalf of the City of London, LMHC manages 3,282 rent-geared-to-income (RGI) public housing units. In addition, we administer the Rent Supplement and Housing Allowance Programs, providing financial subsidies to assist individuals and families to offset market rents. As the largest provider of RGI housing in the London and Middlesex area, we offer safe, affordable housing. Everything we do is directed towards fostering healthy communities with a sense of belonging for all our tenants. We also work in partnership with other community groups to help our tenants connect with the broader community, and access services that meet their needs.