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Are you on OW or ODSP? Do you have pre-diabetes?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

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If you are on OW or ODSP and have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes by your health care provider, you are once again eligible for a Special Diet Allowance (SDA) to pay for the kinds of food that you need to eat to help treat your pre-diabetes and help prevent you from developing diabetes.

You can get a Special Diet Allowance application form from your OW or ODSP caseworker.

Instructions on filling out the form are available here.

If you lost your pre-diabetes Special Diet Allowance after the government changed the list of eligible conditions, you should re-apply.

You can also contact your local Community Legal Clinic if you need help with this issue. To find your local clinic, go to

OW and ODSP Housing Credit Phased Out in 2013

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

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The 2013 Ontario budget means big changes to a benefit that many of London and Middlesex Housing Corporation’s tenants have depended on: the Community Start-up and Maintenance Benefit for recipients of Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Progam (ODSP) benefits.

This benefit helps individuals living in poverty:

  • With moving costs if they need to move for a new job
  • Leave an institution and find a new place to live
  • Leave their current home because it’s harmful to their health or well-being
  • Leave an abusive situation
  • If they’re being evicted by their current home
  • If they’re faced with having their utilities cut off

The benefit helps with certain costs such as:

  • Paying first or last month’s rent deposit
  • Buying necessary household furniture
  • Putting down a deposit for utilities
  • Paying overdue utility bills

To learn more about the phasing out of this essential benefit, which also helps tenants replace bedding and furniture infested by bed bugs, you can read this Openfile article published today.